Here are some of the books I’ve written…

New Releases

Supercharge Your Book Sales with Unbiased Reviews  Kick-Start Your Social Media in 7 Easy Steps

Self-Publishing Guidebooks

Fast & Easy Sales Hacks to Increase Book Sales  Easy DIY E-book Formatting to Increase Book Sales  SEO Hacks for Authors Who Want to Increase Book Sales  Start Making E-book Boxed Sets to Increase Book Sales  DIY Book Cover & Mockup Hacks to Increase Book Sales

Celebrity Trivia Series

Taylor Swift Quiz Book  Kanye West Quiz Book  George Michael Quiz Book  Gene Wilder Quiz Book  The Lady Chablis Quiz Book  Gal Gadot Quiz Book

Famous People Quiz Books

U.S. Presidents Quiz Book  U.S. First Ladies Quiz Book  Adam West Quiz Book

Children & Family Quiz Books

American Presidents Quiz Book for Kids  American First Ladies Quiz Book for Kids  Saskatchewan Roughriders Quiz Book