A great reason to write or become an author, is because you can! It’s true, if you can read this you have the ability to become a writer. Maybe not a great writer, but a writer none the less—whether it be a blog, a how to guide, or even a novel… you can do it!

A Level Playing Field:

This is one of the reasons I enjoy writing—because it’s a level playing field. Anyone who has the ability to read and write has the ability to make their voice heard on any topic they like unlike other creative outlets such as music for example, where one has to have the ability and resources to make a decent recording in order for their music to be heard by a wider audience.

Hard Work = Success:

Now just because anyone can write, doesn’t mean that all writing is going to be great. No one starts out a great writer. Like any other medium, successful people work hard by practicing and honing their skills, so don’t stop short of your goals! People who work hard and persist find profit in their work.


Next time you’re daydreaming about becoming a writer, or penning your first novel, just remember that not only are you are able to do it, but that you also have just as much chance at success as anyone else out there if you’re willing to work at it!

Until next time I wish you all the best in your creative endeavours!

T. Buburuz