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Free backlinks for authors provided by T. Buburuz.

Author Directory

I offer backlinks here on my website as a FREE marketing tool for authors. Backlinks remain the largest factor when it comes to ranking on Google so check out the authors below and submit your information today!

T. Buburuz  - Business owner, executive, and author recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things.

Leigh Holland - Author, mom, blogger, book reviewer, awful cook & indie author supporter.

Carole Parkes - Author of suspense thrillers 'Tissue of Lies' & 'Your Last Breath'.

Emilia Evans - Science fiction adventure author & freelance photographer who loves reading & writing books.

Velora Levy-Sailsman - Teacher, wife, mum, and author of 'She caused the Lightning to strike'.

S C Dann -  British author, wife, mom and caretaker of her dog Ella.

More author listings coming soon!

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T. Buburuz writes and self-publish books under several pseudonyms, travels the globe, hangs out with influential people, own a successful multi-faceted multi-genre publishing company, and encourages others to follow their dreams like there's no tomorrow!

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